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Horizon Bedside Lamp with 10W Wireless Charger, Night Lamp

Horizon Bedside Lamp with 10W Wireless Charger, Night Lamp

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The Horizon Bedside Lamp is a multifunctional lighting solution designed to provide convenience and safety in your bedroom. It features 10W Wireless charging, a digital clock, step-less dimming and sleep mode to create an optimal ambiance for relaxation, reading and sleep. Charge your device, set your alarm, and enjoy the perfect lighting for a sound sleep.

Product Detail: 


1. Single 10W wireless charger

2. Dual 5W bt speaker,TWS double channel stereo

3.Two channel stereo sound

4.Light color:warm white/Yellow

5.Clock:Automatic time calibration according to cellphone

6.Marerial:Real wood,resin,ABS

7.Brightness control:Stepless dimming

8.Sleep mode:Automatically turn off light and speaker in half hour.




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