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Smart Interactive Plush Ball Electric Toy Ball For Cat Pet

Smart Interactive Plush Ball Electric Toy Ball For Cat Pet

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Don't just leave your cats twiddling their paws--let them explore their wild side with these Smart Interactive plush ballCat Toys! Packed with stimulating features, these toys will provide your furry friends with hours of playful fun (and maybe a little peace and quiet for you).

Looking for a fun way to keep your cat entertained and active? Look no further than the Smart Interactive Cat Toy! This ball toy is perfect for cats of all ages and can be used for both play and training. The built-in sounder responds to your cat's touch, making animal sounds that will delight them for hours on end. You can even add catnip to the ball for an extra bit of fun! The Smart Interactive plush ball Cat Toy is the perfect way to keep your kitty happy and healthy!


Product Specifications: plush ball cat toy
Cat Toys Probing Ball, with a diameter of 50mm(1.97in), using high quality and plush/fabric
Each built-in lr44 toy lithium battery cell and high sound sensitivity, which can produce different simulated sounds, The built-in batteries in each ball sustain more than 10,000 times chirping

Simulate Real Sounds:
Simulate the real sounds of three different animals to attract cats' attention and stimulate the cat's hunting nature. The sounds of different colored balls are different.
Blue sound frog
Yellow sound of cricket
Pink bird sound

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