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Portable HD Wireless Game Emulator Arcade Host

Portable HD Wireless Game Emulator Arcade Host

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Can smoothly run more than 80 kinds of simulators, more than 50000 games!
Support large game simulator PS1, PSP, N64, DC and so on
Simplify the process of adding games, directly insert the card reader into the computer, copy the game into the corresponding ROM, and support WiFi and cable networking to add games online!
Advanced integration core, 64 bit 4-quad-core 2.0GHz (dvfs) CPU, mali-450 graphics processor, HDMI 4K Full HD output.
Standard configuration of dual wireless 2.4gps handle, plug and play, meet the needs of different games.
64g card with more than 33000 games
128G card with more than 41000 games

Packing list:

 host *1, wireless handle *2,

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